Physical and mental well-being through Wildalp Alpine spring water. Water means life, without water, the organism does not survive. Water regulates all functions of our body, our consciousness and enables mental processes.

Since 2002 Wildalp Alpine Spring Water is bottled directly at the source. Thanks to the intact nature of the Hochschwab region as well as the permanent filtering through the limestone of the Alps, the water is of a particularly high quality. Wildalp Spring Water is the water with one of the highest content of oxygen in Austria (9,2 mg/l). It is low in sodium (1,97 mg/l) and basic (pH 7,8).

The Source Seisenstein is one of the seven sources, that could supply the city of Vienna with water. The Viennese Hochquellwasser is famous and considerd by many as the best drinking water in the world.

Our strict controls guarantee a continuous high quality. The Wildalp Wasserverwertungs GmbH has the certificate of the ability to transport pure spring water and the International Health Certificate (guarantees that the bottled water has exactly the same quality as at the source).

Wildalp Alpine Spring Water: The epitome of a healthy, agreeable, wholesome drinking-water.